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What's the problem for Food Online Order?

The Effect of Introduction for online order service

Our restaurant had to use various services such as online menu service and online seat reservation service. However, these services did not include online payment and expensive. So while I was in trouble, I came to know MukbangEats online payment service that my acquaintance gave me. Menus were added to this service, and our restaurant was able to introduce services for guests who wanted pickup.

What did you like about the Donuts online order?

It was nice to have an online order page for my own store. I was able to register this online order internet address right in my store Google information. Even though I didn’t promote or advertise, customers ordered one by one in this online order. Also, it’s so nice that the payment is be credited directly to my account. I don’t know how to say this, but it looks neat.

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This service is inexpensive. The other company’s service I used for our menu was from $ 59 to $ 79 per month. But there was no card payment service. JC online booking service includes card payments, which is less than half the price of the service before. And most payment services use SSL service. Card information must be secure. JC online order also uses SSL communication service. 

It’s much safer than when I initially wrote down customer’s card number the customer said on the phone.

a method to follow

workflow overview

You can change the design (additional expense).
You can immediately register your online order url for My Information on Google Maps.
It’s safe. We applies all security algorithms as much as we can.


kind words by clients

More and more customers seem to order online and pick up without queues. In our shop, more and more people are ordering by phone, so we introduced this JC online order system. At first, few people used it, but more and more users are using it. I think the trend of modern people is well reflected.
Mark Riley
The more I know, the more amazing it is. I posted this JC online order link on Google Maps only, and customers started using the service, I don't know how people knew about it. Now I've started promoting this link on the wall or on the table to make it visible to the customers in my store.
Willie Walters
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