Do you still write down the card number that customers call?

the best online to Offline service is here

We build an independent online order system and Clinic/Salon booking service for your own store. This is flat fee based service . We send the amount of the items directly to the store’s account.

Service for online orders only

About Our System

We provide an online order system for pick up. Customers order first and do not have to wait in the shop. Customers are asked to select a pick up time when placing an order.

Are you worried about No Show? Do not worry. Customer’s order will not be placed until credit card has been paid.

Our system will immediately notify you of completed payment order by order number, order name, order items, contact number and price on your registered mobile numbers.

There is no hidden fee

What you get from Ours

Best for small business

Best for restaurants, donut shops, chicken shops, as well as all pre-ordered and pick-up businesses. Everything you care about has already been solved. Ask Anything.

data encryption

Is payment secure through this system? Yes, our system provides secure communication based on SSL. Please check 'https://' in front of your internet address.

No hidden fee

We cover all of services (Web Server + Message + E-mail) with flat fee based except Stripe ateway fee

Set pick-up time

What if customers place an order online after the opening hours? Do not worry. Our system allows you to set customer's pick up time. Also, you can set a minimum payment amount.

Alarm order

You don't have to look at it all the time. Once your order is completed, the order message will be sent to your registered mobile phone. You can complete the order only with the order message.

Pre-order & Pickup

The system includes online payment. There is no worry of customers No Show. All payments will be sent immediately to the linked shop account.

Experience Meets Expertice

Now, apply for this online order. Register your online order internet address on Google Maps now. Customers order your items immediately after searching on Google Maps.

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